Geometric modeling and computer graphics

The current research interests of the group are the study and the development of models and algorithms for digital geometric shape modeling, with applications to scientific visualization, computer-assisted design, virtual reality, and geographical data processing.


The group is currently active on the following projects:

  • Network of Excellence AIM@SHAPE, contributing with research on structural representations of geometric shapes as a starting point for semantic annotation and shape reconstruction. The target applications are automatic design and animation.
  • FIRB project SHALOM (Sviluppo di tecHniche e metodi innovAtivi per l'anaLisi e la sintesi di fOrme geoMetriche). The objective of the project is to study innovative methods for the analysis and the synthesis of digital geometric shapes. In particular the group contributes on multi-resolution representations of geometric shapes, on geometrical invariant feature extraction (topological features), and on the definition of multi-resolution topological models.


  • Leila De Floriani (Professor)
  • Enrico Puppo (Professor)
  • Paola Magillo (Associate Professor)
  • Emanuale Danovaro (PostDoc)
  • Annie Hui (Research Associate)
  • Laura Papaleo (PostDoc)
  • Davide Sobrero (Research Associate)
  • Maria Vitali (PhD student)

More information on the research group can be found at the group page

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