Soft Computing and Applications

Study of methods for information processing able to deal with real world problems, in the presence of uncertainty, inaccuracy, qualitative descriptions, partially contradictory data. The main techniques used are fuzzy systems, neural networks, evolutive algorithms and machine learning. The applications of interest range from bioinformatics and medical imaging, to transport networks and industrial automation.

Recent projects:

  • PRIN project – Tecniche innovative di clustering nella segmentazione delle immagini biomediche (Innovative clustering techniques for medical images segmentations)
  • Europe-India Cross Cultural Programme – ICT for EU-India Cross-Cultural Dissemination
  • Integrated action Italy-Spain, Ministery of University, Research and Industry – CombIning corpus-bAsed and knowledge-based methods for wOrd SENse diSambiguatiOn (CIAO SENSO).
  • PRIN Project – Tecniche di apprendimento automatico in ambito bioinformatico per l'analisi e la modellazione di dati di espressione genica funzionale e strutturale (Machine learning techniques in bioinformatics for analysing and modeling functional and structural genes expression data)


  • Francesco Masulli
  • Stefano Rovetta
  • Maurizio Filippone

More information on the research group can be found at the group page

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