The School "Visione delle Macchine" (Machine Vision) is organized every two years by the "Gruppo Italiano Ricercatori in Pattern Recognition (GIRPR)" affiliated to International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR). The primary objective of the School is to provide a common scientific and cultural background to PhD students, young researchers from universities, research institutions and industry on the subjects of computer vision and patten recognition.

La Visione delle Macchine 2012 (VisMac 2012), organized by the University of Genova, focuses on the interaction of two disciplines, computer vision and geometric modeling. The School also intends to offer an overview on some research activities carried on in the Genova area on subjects related to computer vision, pattern recognition and computer graphics.

The School is organized into five days, each of them devoted to a different subject, namely:
  • Shape analysis
  • 3D vision and applications
  • Biometrics and 3D models of humans
  • Video surveillance
  • Recent trends of pattern recognition

In order to favor and stimulate discussions, a poster session will be organized where the attendees can present their work. A certificate of attendance will be granted to all participants. PhD students will have the possibility of take a final exam, when required by the PhD program where they are enrolled to grant credits for participation in the School.

VisMac2012 will be held in DIBRIS - ex DISI, University of Genova, Via Dodecaneso 35, Genova - Italy. How to reach us

VisMac 2012 in Genova VisMac 2012 in Genova VisMac 2012 in Genova